In which Snoop Dogg doesn’t give a fuck about your gender policing, and 50 Cent continues to be way too concerned about the sexuality of other male rappers. 

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I sometimes hold grudges like I hold purses.  It’s no big thing. View high resolution

I sometimes hold grudges like I hold purses.  It’s no big thing.

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God, I want them to end of together in the end of all of this.  (:

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Viewing the World from Above with @raskalov and @makhorov

To see more photos and views from high above, follow @raskalov and @makhorov on Instagram.

Standing on the roofs of buildings that reach higher than 500 meters (1,640 feet) tall would be terrifying for most, but for Russian Instagrammers Vitaliy Raskalov (@raskalov) and Vadim Makhorov (@makhorov) great heights are a daily adventure.

"One day my friends took me on a roof trip," explains Vitaliy. "That was the start of my long journey. It was a hobby at first, but now it has became a kind of work."

Vitaliy and Vadim post photos to Instagram from the top of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, including China’s Shanghai Tower and Russia’s Moscow City Tower. This daredevil activity, not to be tried at home, is known as urban exploring.

"I use Instagram because it’s fast and easy to save such beautiful moments—and I enjoy the responses from the community," Vitaliy adds.

#selfie time thanks to @hairitis_by_vicky … View high resolution

#selfie time thanks to @hairitis_by_vicky …



Jodie jodie jodie, you are amazing. This was amazing.

Kudos to Jodes. Girl is beyond brill.

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Travie McCoy: Keep On Keeping On ft. Brendon Urie

Check out the official video for Travie McCoy’s new track ‘Keep On Keeping On’ featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco now on The Fueled By Ramen YouTube Channel!


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡


♡ find your best posts on my blog ♡

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*wonderwall plays in the background*

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