Selena the New Vanessa … ?

I think the concepts of these two videos are similar:

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Ew … Too Much

So as I wait for Glee to come on, I was reading People’s website (as opposed to my textbook) and I saw a very disturbing headline: “I Slept with My Father.”

Mackenzie Phillips is reporting in her book that she had incestuous relations with her father. But her’s the kicker: both of them were high, according to her. So to make matters worse, you had unrequited relations as well. In many states, that would be consider rape since you were not in the right mind at the time of intercourse.

Some skeletons are just too heavy to bring out of the closet. I do not know what she was trying to do in revealing this information. It just shows that she needs more counseling and help then she has been given. As well as some unresolved issues. But to let the whole world know about it?

I don’t know.

Your thoughts?

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Change …

So, a lot has happened since I have written you all last … my bad.

There’s been a big Job Remix! So as of last Friday, I will no longer work with Wayne State Housing, but I will be working for WSU’s ACCESS office as a one of TRIO’s HEOC Student Advisors. I have been in Residence Life since my sophomore year at Michigan State; it’s definitely time for a change … I may get suck in Residence Life and not see what the rest of college personnel has to offer. The student advisor job is pretty much where I would go to schools and encourage them on college things, such as Financial Aid, studying techniques, etc. This job works better with my course load (I’m taking 4 grad classes now) and I think it’ll just be a better fit overall. Everyone says that I am good with kids and now I get to see if I can handle it.

The one reason why I couldn’t be a teacher is because I think that I cannot handle kids. I have been a camp counselor twice and I do well with kids in my family, but other folks’ kids? We shall definitely see.

I went to my first graduate class, CED 6080, Counseling Theories and this class is going to be no joke!

I’ll see ya soon,
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You Can Do It!

The other day I was Blog Surfing and I read an entry from the Student Affairs blog. There was reference to someone that is suing their alma mater because they have yet to find a job. I think it is kind of ludicrous! I understand that many college graduates are suffering right now. Even with that pessimistic outlook of the economy right now, I believe there is still hope. I believe that the glass is half full, not empty, because I survived it! Here is my story:

I graduated from college in 2008 with a dream in mind: going to Syracuse University for their counseling program. I had dreams about it every night! I wanted it so bad, I could taste it! However, after I walked the stage, real life was waiting for me with a brick. It truly knocked my dream out of my grasp. With that in mind, I knew that I had to come up with another idea. Another way to get to my overall lifetime goal of receiving my doctorate – my short term goal (less than 5 years) is to obtain my master’s degree in Counseling. There were other ways to get it and being the resourceful person that I am, I realized I just had to figure out another way to get to that goal.

Instead of surfing the net or Facebook, I got a job as a camp counselor (I surfed on my phone LOL). I had the job before at a different place, I enjoyed it. I had money in my pocket and it was the first summer in a long time where I could relax and get my bearings together. While I was at home that summer, I also realized that family and my overall support network was extremely important to me. Being in my family, like most families can be crazy, but it works. My nephew even came with me a couple of times and enjoyed it! Not to mention, my best friends are in the area and I need them to succeed in my overall long time goal! I realized I have been away from them for too long. So that counselor job truly gave me some clarity!

I decided that I was going back to school in the Winter Semester, giving me another couple of months to ensure that my plans were going to work. However, I have never been the type of person to just sit around and wait for things to come to me. So I actually looked at working at Wayne State. The job was temporary and it was just enough time to give me some options while I applied to some grad programs in the area. (Working at a university is a great option because you can tap into their resources and connections; you can learn things without being in lecture hall – you just learn them in a cubicle.) I signed up to work for Residence Life at Wayne considering that I was a RA for almost my entire undergrad career. I applied to Wayne State Graduate School and got in!

Now almost a full year later after accepting my temporary job, I am (pretty) close to receiving a full time job. Even if that falls through, I still have back up plans B and C to take me into next couple of years.

I know that I am the exception, not the rule. I understand these are some tough times. But if my mini-bio has said anything, is that sometimes you have to make things work for you. College did not prepare the 2007 – 2009 class very well because they were going off of previous teachings when the economy needed fresh and young minds. Now, there are too many, so employers are going to want to see how you make use of your time. If you weren’t active in high school and college, well now you are going to have to be.

So for those who are in career slumps, here is some tips I have for you:

  • Join a Professional Organization: I am a member of both state and national organization for my desired field. Join the e-board; this will show employers that you are truly passionate about this career path.
  • Volunteer: sometimes, it is important to just put your face out there. You don’t want a lot of dead time on your resume. This is a great way to fill it up!
  • Temporary Jobs: These jobs don’t have benefits, but this is how I got my foot in the door. It’s just enough to give you something to do during the day. If you kick ass, the company may hire you on full time; if you know your time is coming to an end, this will give you time to find another job – hopefully one that sticks.
  • “Can I Take Your Order?”: You may think you are too good for this, but if you are thinking about going back to school, this is a great job to have as a benchmark to where you want to go. This is not going to be your career, it’s just going to be a job. Not to mention free food!
  • Part-Time Student: I am always an advocate of going back to school. With a college town, like my alma mater, you can go to school and there are many odd jobs around. Go back for your post-bachelors, take up sign language … anything that is going to overall help you be marketable.

Not every job you have is meant to fit into your career path; sometimes the path is not as linear as we all would like. Good luck everyone!

PS: I also ranted on a video! I didn’t realize how passionate I was on the topic!

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La Fitness Shotting

So I don’t work out on this one, but this is definitely out of control!

It is a good thing that I do the cycling class - I only did that once - because at least a chance to run away (not on stationery bikes). jk

The even crazier thing is that he blogged his opinions and things. This situation truly reminds me of the Virginia Tech Shootings because there were signs and people didn’t know how to read the signs.

There has been research to suggest that when the economy is in an unpredictable state that crimes and psychological issues increase. I can’t provide the source, but I really believe it though.

More ramblings later! Yeah it’s almost the weekend! :)
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I’m Kind of Jealous ….

… that the Saved by the Bell class ‘89 look better than I do!!! Chaos!

Makes me want a Bayside T-Shirt!!!

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Hair Today …

The hair is the richest ornament of women.
~Martin Luther

So I was on Art of Accessories blog today and she mentioned this really great documentary on HBO by Chris Rock called Good Hair.

I know with me that I have had many different hair styles growing up and recently, I believe, I have generated a bigger obsession with this. My father’s mother was mixed with Native American (supposedly) and she had long gray hair. It almost looked like a relative to some Native American princess. Ever since I met her and her hair, I have been very subconscious about it. Here are some cute pictures of my hair “progression.”

This is me when I was younger - I was OBSESSED with this pink Tina Turner wig; I loved feeling hair on my neck!

My freshmen year when I moved to MSU, I rocked the ponytail.

When I was an RA, I began working with the sewn-in. This ‘do is my ‘do of choice.

The following summer, I rocked my hair and cut it short. I liked that ‘do a lot, but it was harder to manage.

This was the last hair-do I had. I loved it. I’m not rocking it now.

I mean even with America’s Next Top Model, Tyra either blesses or curses women with long or short hair respectably. Every time some gets a hair cut or a “drastic” change, women cry. The most memorable would be Bianca, cycle 9. Bianca came in looking like most stereotypical black girls, trying to mirror extensions from other celebrities. However, due to some heavy breakage from weaves and perms, she had to cut off all of her hair.

I would argue that Bianca looks amazing with the shaved look - even though I couldn’t pull it off.

I have also known to go to and play with the makeover program. Yeah … a little obsessive. But the great thing about hair, it can grow back … if that is too slow, you can buy it! :)

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staycation, baby baby!

I saw one of my (former) RAs’ tweets:

I have to say that this applies to not only performance, but I would argue that is for every thing that you are anxious for! Like vacations!!

I am not taking a real vacation - like to some place tropical or anything - but I’m excited that I get to take some time from work. August, like many college institutions, is out of control and chaotic … you can barely keep your feet on the ground. Even though it’s brief (Wednesday-Sunday), I am going to take full advantage! When I think about vacations in the student affairs profession, I normally think of this:

Like most workaholics, when I am on vacation, I think about all the things that are piling up on my desk or hoping that someone is doing something right. When I return, I feel completely overwhelmed and you end up spending just as much time you did on your vacation trying to play catch-up. Hence, why the best type of vacation for me is a STAYCATION!

My Blog Subscriptions, apt #34 and S.HOPtalk, have discussed this concept before … it’s not new.
A staycation (or stay-cation, or stacation) is a neologism for a period of time in which an individual or family stays at home and relaxes at home or takes day trips from their home to area attractions. (Wikipedia)
  • Wednesday: Chill in my room, watch some movies, go to the Farmer’s Market, read some books, go work out and change the world in between breaks!
  • Thursday: Going up to East Lansing (my old stomping grounds) to visit some faculty and staff as well as some GREAT BESTIES!
  • Friday: Going to a professional group meeting at Soaring Eagle; then visiting some folks at CMU!
  • Saturday: Go back to Lansing and chill out …
  • Sunday: Be at home to check on my homies!
I am really excited and I can’t wait! Let the good times ROLL ….

PS - Some other links to check out:
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Roommates, blah!

Photo Credit: Michigan Daily

I have only had a roommate my freshmen year of college at Michigan State. I think we can both say it was definitely a learning experience. But I have been privileged (and blessed) not have to had a roommate since then (years of working for a university definitely pays off). But I have realized that whether you are an incoming freshmen or going to a conference, you are going to hae to share a space with someone. Especially with the economy moving in the downward spiral, living along may not be the best option financially. So, since I am bored at work, I came up with some helpful tips that I think could help out - but remember, I only have experience mediating these types of things, not living in it!

  • BFFs don’t always make the best roomies.
    I truly love my besties, but I would never move in with them and they wouldn’t move in with me. I value that distance from my friends, especially if there are little tiffs. An associate that you don’t know very well would be a great option because if things don’t work out, you don’t feel like your friendship will suffer.
  • Act as if your side of the room/place as an invisble fence around it!
    I definitely had to work on this when I had a roommate. No one likes the roommate who’s stuff is EVERYWHERE! But anyways, your room (if you have one) is the place that you can junk up because you are the only one that has to put up with it. Close the door and things are GREAT! But the communial spaces, that’ll be disgusting. Get it together or get out - that’s what I always say.
  • Communication is vital!
    You should definitely talk to your roommate. I had to mediate many a conflict because the roommates wouldn’t talk. The more roommates you have, the longer those conversations should be. At Wayne State, they have this Roommate Agreement. If you don’t communicate pet peeves, etc., then who is your roommate going to know? They may be your BFF but that doesn’t mean they know everything about you.
  • Nudity is not okay between roomies.
    I don’t know about the rest of the blogsphere, but I do not like to see my roommate in their birthday suit. I know it’s not as expensive as clothes, but I know I just don’t want to see all of that. When my bff and I go to the locker room and women will be completely naked coming from their workout, I cringe a little bit. So I know, I am going to do more than cringe if my roomie does that.
  • Don’t room with someone that you have feelings for.
    If you are roomming with a person that is a friend with benefits or someone that you have a crush on, then that’ll definitely cause trouble. One reason is becasue if things kick up, the two bedroom will become one. Another reason is if that person hooks up with someone else or moves in with their partner, then you’ll feel down emotionally and financially.
For a comedic look at roommates, check out the ABC Family Show starring my girl Tamera Mowry!

Brigette Dale also talks about roommates on her video blog.
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I’m So Excited …

I haven’t been excited about a show in a LONG TIME … The Hills was my reality television crack and that’s pretty much going to hell and back. But this show actually seems to be extremely interesting; it’s like The Hills/City with Life of Ryan.

She has some really cute clothes online, but they are a bit over priced (as most fashion is).

I think I found something fill my Hills void! :)
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Venti Long Island?

So, I looked on YouTube and I saw this lovely clip:

That’s out of control!! Starbucks serving wines and beers? A caffeinated alcoholic’s dream come true. It’s takes the combination of RedBull and Vodka to a whole other level! Irish coffees? Don’t even think about it!

Where I stay in Detroit, their is a Starbucks right on campus. I strongly doubt that this would happen, but if that store became one of the stores that served alcohol, it would an even bigger spot than it is now!

And in East Lansing and in my hometown, there are drivethru Starbucks! Need coffee to study? Need liquor to party? You can get it at one convenient one stop shop!

So in “celebration” of this new concept, I have created some names for their addictive drinks:
Got any ideas? Think of your favorite drink and add a Starbucks menu item.

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Summer Soundtrack

It is important that your summer has a soundtrack; one that defines how you want your summer to go or things you want it be. In future summers, you want to listen to a track and remember where you were or what you were doing. Music has a way of doing that … so here’s my summer 2009 soundtrack …

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