Blogs-Day: allister ann

I have been a SUPER fan of hers for like ever!!  She is an awesome photographer!  She has been all over the blogosphere and the WORLD!  All of her pictures have an edge about them, whether it’s the grittiness or her angles, it just WORKS! 

Some of my FAVE posts:

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    Blogs-Day: Style Detroit

    So, I went to my first blog meet up on Wednesday that was thrown by this lovely blogger (and one of my future classmates).  Kiana is destined for greatness!  

    Style Detroit

    She works at Gorman’s that is locally in Southfield, MI as an interior designer, but she is much more than that.  She is a cyber revolutionary.  Through the blog meet up she said:

    there is no wrong way to blog.

    Absolutely right!  Pure genius!

    Enough about her; her blog is awesome.  Pretty much anything that is creative and expressive and beautiful is expressed on her blog in someway.  She has awesome events that people can go to, experiences she’s had in Detroit, as well as feature some of her awesome collection of friends!

    Where to Find Her:

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    Blogs-Day: Liora Manne

    I am so mad that I just saw this boutique on Rue La La and I didn’t take advantage of it sooner.  This girl is FIERCE!!  :)

    Liora Manne’ was born in Israel but learned in the United States.  I see her as the home decor version of Bestey Johnson or Patricia Fields and just as recognized.  She was won the Roscoe Award for Best Product from Interior Design Magazine and Design 100 Hall of Fame from Metropolitan Home Magazine!

    Jennie, New York City - Custom Koi Fish Rug

    Here’s some of the items that were featured in Rue La La’s boutique:

    All in all, I cannot WAIT to save up enough money to have her items in my new apartment.

    Be sure to check out Liora Manne:

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    Blogs-Day: Tomboy Style

    Sorry for the late post; I have been having some technical difficulties with home internet!  But I saw this blog on UO and I had to further investigate it.  It is pretty phenomenal!  

    As a self-proclaimed tomboy, you either get lumped up as either one of the following:

    1. lesbian
    2. poor
    3. someone w/o style

    While there is nothing wrong with those lifestyles (without style is pretty bad to me), I love that this blog actually glorifies it!  It’s absolutely amazing!  I love it!  When the book is published, I am definitely going to be buying it!

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    Blogs-Day: The Sartorialist

    The Sartorialist is an amazing photographer who dominates the world!  He has a feature in GQ and other magazines.  He recently got slack for posting a this picture of a “chunky" girl … but he loves the thrill and honestly if I took pictures like him, I would too!!  :)

    I absolutely love the his pictures.  He probably has tons of awesome pictures that he releases like once a day!

    Links: Blog Twitter

    Blogs-Day: Frank Lee

    Frank and I go back “like a throwback.”

    Blogs-Day: Dulce Candy

    So Dulce Candy is this blog that is totally taking over the world!  I have to say that I have definitely got my tips for make up (even though I don’t really wear make up).

    It’s very similar to now MTV TJ, Gabi!  Daily pictures of her creative outfits and how to do make up, etc.  She’s really chic and she’s not slowing down any time soon … even with her being 5 months pregnant!  :)

    I would post more of her pictures, but they are HUGE!  That’s because she has teh best camera in the world!  I wonder who takes her pictures!  LOL, but I really like a lot of the things that she posts.  She definitely has a gift!  :)

    Be sure to check her out EVERYWHERE:

    They Say I'm Clever

    We both stayed in Hubbard and we both hung out with a great group of people.  We were even the same major at one point.  However, Mr. McNeal definitely makes hardcore moves, especially on his blog They Say I’m Clever!

    At MSU, he was apart of the creation of Purpose.  It was a magazine for the students of color at MSU.  It was really great!  I have kept one copy that was about my former co-worker, Phillip Vails, who passed away. 

    Cyrus is definitely one of those cats that doesn’t let the falling economy stop him from making a statement.  He always wanted to work for GQ.  Most people would have made a resume with a nice cover letter.  Maybe even try to date the editor-in-chief’s daughter, but Cyrus figured another way.  He made a video about his efforts on trying to get on GQ magazine as a writer.

    I am really happy to see that he is making a name for himself.  When I grow up I wanna be like Mr. McNeal and hope people say that I am clever.  :)

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    Blogs-Day: The Style Social

    Rachel Brooks was a girl that I went to elementary school with.  Now she is a budding fashion designer in Chicago!

    She has an online store with some cool items.  I am still on my weight-loss kick so I can’t rock them just yet (unless she wants to make something custom for me or maybe for my girl CEL, but I am definitely feeling them though.

    She is also a great photographer … maybe I could learn a thing or two!  :)

    Be sure to follow her and get updates on Twitter.  She is definitely going places!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

    Blogs-Day: Wake Up & Get Real!

    OMG!  So I absolutely <3 Kelly Cutrone!  I love her business sense and just all things Kelly.  She is just quick and ready for anyone’s crap at a moment’s notice!

    She has a series (on YouTube/Tumblr) called Wake Up and Get Real.  It’s everything you could possibly imagine.  It’s her and her smart savvy buddies with either Flip cameras or webcams and just chitchat.  I love it!  I want them to have a theme song … that’ll be cool! :)

    I bought her book … I would definitely recommend it.  If you want to know why Kelly is the way that she is and how she became this powerhouse of fashion PR, then read it.  There is also some funny anecdotes … gotta love it!

    I watched her show on BravoTV, Kell on Earth.  I really enjoyed watching her get the spot light as opposed to Whitney or Lauren.  You’ve seen her on the Hills/the City, but all she is a quirky one-liners, nothing like her show on Bravo!  I think she is reality TV dynamite!  If you watch her show, you will watch the creation of her book as well as other things!

    First Tumble on Tumblr.

    The first tumble is always the hardest …

    So I have a blogger account, but I figured that I would try this out…. LOL :)  I have tried it all … xanga, livejournal, facebook, notebooks, and every thing in between.  I started to blog to destress and to find some folks that understood me.  I found some cyber buddies … but now, I blog because … that is still to be determined!

    Love Internet

    Blogging should be an Olympic sport … 

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