Blogs-Day: allister ann

I have been a SUPER fan of hers for like ever!!  She is an awesome photographer!  She has been all over the blogosphere and the WORLD!  All of her pictures have an edge about them, whether it’s the grittiness or her angles, it just WORKS! 

Some of my FAVE posts:

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    Blogs-Day: Style Detroit

    So, I went to my first blog meet up on Wednesday that was thrown by this lovely blogger (and one of my future classmates).  Kiana is destined for greatness!  

    Style Detroit

    She works at Gorman’s that is locally in Southfield, MI as an interior designer, but she is much more than that.  She is a cyber revolutionary.  Through the blog meet up she said:

    there is no wrong way to blog.

    Absolutely right!  Pure genius!

    Enough about her; her blog is awesome.  Pretty much anything that is creative and expressive and beautiful is expressed on her blog in someway.  She has awesome events that people can go to, experiences she’s had in Detroit, as well as feature some of her awesome collection of friends!

    Where to Find Her:

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    Blogs-Day: Liora Manne

    I am so mad that I just saw this boutique on Rue La La and I didn’t take advantage of it sooner.  This girl is FIERCE!!  :)

    Liora Manne’ was born in Israel but learned in the United States.  I see her as the home decor version of Bestey Johnson or Patricia Fields and just as recognized.  She was won the Roscoe Award for Best Product from Interior Design Magazine and Design 100 Hall of Fame from Metropolitan Home Magazine!

    Jennie, New York City - Custom Koi Fish Rug

    Here’s some of the items that were featured in Rue La La’s boutique:

    All in all, I cannot WAIT to save up enough money to have her items in my new apartment.

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    Blogs-Day: Tomboy Style

    Sorry for the late post; I have been having some technical difficulties with home internet!  But I saw this blog on UO and I had to further investigate it.  It is pretty phenomenal!  

    As a self-proclaimed tomboy, you either get lumped up as either one of the following:

    1. lesbian
    2. poor
    3. someone w/o style

    While there is nothing wrong with those lifestyles (without style is pretty bad to me), I love that this blog actually glorifies it!  It’s absolutely amazing!  I love it!  When the book is published, I am definitely going to be buying it!

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    Blogs-Day: DesignLoveFest

    So yesterday, I blogged about LC’s new fashion venture, TheBeautyDepartment … well, here’s the brains behind the operation!

    This blogger is a graphic designed behind Design Love Fest! It’s absolutely amazing; I have definitely found my new blog-ession!!

    This girl is super creative and super talented!! OMG, I am slightly jealous of all the things she has created! Definitely check her nests on the world wide web …


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    Blogs-Day: The Sartorialist

    The Sartorialist is an amazing photographer who dominates the world!  He has a feature in GQ and other magazines.  He recently got slack for posting a this picture of a “chunky" girl … but he loves the thrill and honestly if I took pictures like him, I would too!!  :)

    I absolutely love the his pictures.  He probably has tons of awesome pictures that he releases like once a day!

    Links: Blog Twitter

    Blogs-Day: Frank Lee

    Frank and I go back “like a throwback.”

    Blogs-Day: Rawrmanifesto

    I saw gabifresh’s blog and she reblogged this amazing blog, RawrManifesto. Bedhead && Boredom. [Pt.II] As my friend Chris told me:  Youre doing what models do with their hands when they dont know what else to do.  TRUESAY.  

    She is absolutely stunning! Slightly jealous! Fatshion February I: Ahoy? Boyfriend Cardigan- Old Navy Nautical Chains Top+ Banded Striped Skirt- F21+ Le Tights- AdditionElle Raggedy Ass Calf Boots- Payless

    Her 2nd blog has hilarious YouTube videos!  She is definitely on her way to being an internet celebrity - if she isn’t already!!  

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    Blogs-Day: Tiny Ass Apartment

    Tiny-Ass Apartment

    So I absolutely love this new blog obsession!! The website is pretty amazing! :) As soon as I move out, this is going to be one of the blogs!!

    The great thing about this blog is that it presents realistic solutions and decor ideas. Simone Chavoor was tired of seeing these fantastic and ridiculous houses. I am so happy that she did because the things she finds are ABSOLUTELY amazing!! Here are some of my favorite posts:

    She hasn’t posted in awhile but the archive of information found on the blog is still relevant and still going to help you out! :) Network:


    Blogs-Day: BB_Photog

    I know I haven’t done this Blogs-Day feature in a minute … there have been so many new blog-obsessions that I need more than once a week. But anways, I love photography! I think it’s absolutely amazing!!
    Blues Alley, Georgetown.  Taken with BlackBerry Torch.
    There is this one blog where this person solely takes pictures from their Blackberry phone. These pictures are amazing … it goes to show that all you need is a little imagination.
    My little sanctuary at home.
    SoHo, New York - 08.26.10
    Blackberry Blog featured him in their blog! When Blackberry features you, you have officially made it!
    Check out:

    Blogs-Day: mirafloresa || art & design by judith sallador

    Day Rae who I sang in Advance Madrigals with her back in SL and Ms. Andrea Greene, I have known since elementary school are both products of an amazing photoprapher, Judith Sallador! 

    Girlfriend is popular and amazing!  She is currently updating her main page/portfolio but that doesn’t stop her from making moves!  She posts photos practically daily about all of her amazing work.  She is great!  I will definitely have to have a bday photoshoot or something like that.  LOL


    Check her out:

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    Blogs-Day: Fit Perez

    Perez Hilton, after launching his exclusive fashion blog, Coco Perez, has launch Fit Perez.  The blog still has your celebrity gossip but has some truth to fitness, health, and wellness.

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