Wishlist Wednesday | J. Crew Collection Floral Short

Wishlist Wednesday | @jcrew Collection Floral Short

Collection overblown floral short

So, it’s FINALLY summer(-ish) time and I couldn’t be happier.  I am not normally a fan of summer (Fall is my favorite season), but after having the worst winter EVER, I am looking forward to it!  This pair of shorts recently sold out, but they are so flipping adorable! If you are J. Crew obsessed like me, then you can definitely find a similar pair of shorts.

Let’s see how I would style this!


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Friends … How Many of Us (REALLY) Have ‘Em?

@turnmypaiges and ninja Jones at CPK!  Love the ladies! on Twitpic

So my girls, Thug Valley and Ninja Jay, all went to California Pizza Kitchen and Forever 21!  Gotta love it!  We were talking and catching up which was really cool (haven’t seen those ladies in a minute).  We got to discussing the topic of buddies and their responsibilities.  Can you really be an associate with a friends VIP pass? In other words, can you be considered a friend without doing the work?

My answer is simply no.  I know it takes two people to be friends, but if you aren’t putting up the effort, you gotta go.  Period.  End of discussion.  I am in a section in my life where I do not need to have 500 million friends.  I am more of the arguement quality versus quantity.

Girl time w @TrinaRockstarr @AngieMartinez @Ciara @LaLaVazquez on Twitpic

Look at these ladies!  You don’t think they put up with that from their friendship, do you?

So now my question is: how do you tell a friend they have been demoted (to associate, frenemy, loser, jerkface, etc)?

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Couch Surfing: Staycation Days 2 & 3

Staycation Day 2 was great! I made it up to East Lansing where I chilled with my buddy and her crazy kitten (which I call animal). Then I hung out with another buddy and went shopping at Eastwood Town Center. I went into Express to pretty much torture myself and I saw this jacket:

This sucker is bad as hell! I mean I love the bedazzled look on the collar and just UGH! My friend was like “you can make that” but that is definitely not the point. So then we walked around to the Gap and I saw another blazer:

The Gap blazer is a bit feasible right now … but man, do I want the Express one! But since I’m working out and losing weight (in theory), I don’t want to buy a blazer and only wear it 2 times, ya know? Dilemmas! But anyways, we went to Ann Loft, a store I have never been in before (because it looks like a whole bunch of skinny bitches). To my pleasant surprised, I liked the contents, especially this coat right here:

Told you it was hot! Then the night began! We went to Crunchy’s and sang some karaoke (We sang Midnight Train to Georgia for my Georgia peach). Then to the Peanut Barrel then back to my bud’s house to wind down.

Staycation day 3 was good; I need to recooperate from the day before! LOL I went to Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino, future home of the 2009 MCPA Annual Conference! The last time I went to Soaring Eagle it was not a good experience (the biggie duets), but that is thankfully the past! I am currently a Member-at-Large, but I may take more of a leadership role as the Newsletter Editor! Cool beans, I know! I have never been statisfied with just chilling being complacent with something; I am always professionally taking it to the max!

Then I visited with my sister’s sister at CMU because I was not looking forward to that drive … it was fun; we ate at Lil Chef and then we watched the banned BET episodes of the Boondocks! I can’t wait for Season 3!!! Then I went back to MSU/East Lansing and hung out at Menna’s Joint - goodness, I miss those dubs - and my friend’s jaccuzzi (it’s in her apartment complex). We watched the Sex and the City movie (LOVE IT) and Legally Blonde 2!

This pretty much brings you up-to-date. I will leave you with the HOT new single from Shakira!

PS - Another PhD comic!

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