So, if you don’t know me, then shame on you.  LOL … but seriously, if you do know me, you would know that I love school (I’m a nerd I know).  I love school supplies and making new friends, etc.  

I look school shopping season even though I work for a college all year round.  I am excited for starting classes in the fall … again. :)  You think that would go away after um 25 years on this earth, but no.  Instead of going to WSU, I am going to be attending Marygrove College in the Fall pursuing a Master’s of English.  AKA I like to read and write basically and hopefully I will teach college students ….

Well, with that being said … here’s the WHATSDAY!

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Kids … Phew!

My family tells me all the time that I would be a great teacher; and I was believing it for a minute, but lately … I would think I would be the worst teacher in America!

I don’t have the patience!  I believe children are little people who need to express themselves and develop, just like adults.  The only difference between children and adults is that children need adults to guide them through their development.

However, sometimes, as children are developing, it is up to the adults to explain the social norms and what is acceptable behavior.  Some children respond well to the discussion and will not perform the social unacceptable behavior.  There are other children that may not listen/acknowledge the discussion and therefore need to understand the consequences. 

Timeout, which is a new phenenom - wish I had it, has been proven to work on a certain type of child.  However, there is a small percentage of children that need discipline through corporal punishment, i.e. spanking.  I know that it should not be your first step because it borders on excessive force, like the UCLA student who got tased a couple of years ago.

I don’t think it is something that should be used every day with every situation, but I do believe it should be used for that one kid that throws random tantrums in the supermarket or the kid that excessively talks disrespectfully to their parent/guardian after several attempts to calm the situation or the teenager that swears up and down that they are an adult.

Because of this (and the fact that I cannot recieve a prescription of Xanax), I do not believe I would make a good teacher … let alone parent. 

But you can’t help but wonder when you have moments like this.

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Tweets ‘n’ Tears

I am definitely feeling this song … or maybe Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone … but anyway, yesterday I got some tweet-exchange from some blogosphere big wigs!!

tweet spankyluvsit tweet nessabirdie tweet novlista

That’s pretty amazing!  But I still only have 4 followers … Yeah!  :\

tweet duckieThis tweet is funny!!!  But I think I might have gotten the characters mixed up.

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Whats-Day: 12/16

So here’s what’s catching my attention in my world:

Chris Brown deleted his Twitter … Who cares? I totally forgot he had a CD out … well, not really. Stores have been recently blackballing him hardcore. Sorry … the victim card has already been dealt (to Rihanna).

The cutest picture frame EVER!

12 Smart Resume Tips because apparently the recession is hitting everyone in their wallets and in their minds!

Cool things to do with wallpaper: coordinate it or frame it!

Even though Miley has a great movie coming out (The Last Song) doesn’t excuse her 9-year-old sister doing this.

Lastly … why is MTV still doing the Real World? Does anyone watch it?
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Twilight is a FRIGHT!

So I saw New Moon this past weekend along with thousands of die-hard fans (no pun intended). It was definitely interesting.

Throughout the whole movie Bella is interested in the idea of becoming a vampire. I thought that was wierd (considering Jake Black … I mean c’mon)! The family agreed that it would be a good idea because it was putting Edward at risk. I cannot believe that! So I decided to go to Wikipedia to get a synopsis of the books without having to read them and I have to say I’m not impressed with the lessons we are sending the youth, especially girls.

Lesson #1: You have to change who you are.
Bella is so interested in turning into a vampire because of Edward - which I think is so lame. The whole reason why they are in love in the first place is due to the fact that she is a human. She doesn’t turn into a vampire until Breaking Dawn, but still. I do not think that’s what I want young women following. In order for love to last, you have to change. I don’t think turning into the Bride of Frankenstein is going to help any.

Lesson #2: You gotta hoe around to find your true love.
So in the next movie/book, Bella is in this situation where she wants to protect Jacob. In the book, she kisses Jacob - in front of Edward no doubt - and realizes that she loves Jacob, but loves Edward more. To me, I think this is tragic, not romantic. To have two “monsters” fighting over you. Now, in the New Moon movie, there was a lot of almost there moments between Bella and Jake; that’s understandable, but while you are almost engaged … not so much.

Lesson #3: If you can’t get the girl of your dreams, go for her kid.
So in Breaking Dawn, Bella and Edward have a half-breed baby named Resume (really the baby’s name is Renesmee but it looks like Resume to me). Jacob, who is present at the birth, imprints Resume. Basically, Resume is his soul mate. WTF? That’s bananas! Grant it, Resume ages 17 years in 2.5 seconds, but still … that’s a little far fetched.

Twilight is definitely no Vampire Diaries … jk! I mean it just sounds badly written. I mean I understand vampires and the undead being hot due to the fact it often parallels how humans are feeling (long winded sentence). No wonder Stephenie Meyer (I think that’s the author) didn’t reveal this to her husband. It doesn’t make any frickin’ sense.

Hate to sound like a cynic but this lady got lucky!

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Dreamin’ of Dreamcast!

So last week, I was craving to play my Sega Dreamcast (displaying my inner geek)! I think it’s probably one of the most under-respected consoles! The graphics were amazing - for the time - and it had a great selection of video games. My personal faves were Crazy Taxi series, Power Stone series, Sonic (of course), and Rippin’ Riders (makers of Crazy Taxi).

Then I was thinking about my Nintendo 64 … Star Fox was that DEAL!!! There was also another video game called Beetle racing and all the cars were Volkswagen Beetles … I wanted one oh-so badly … but my BFF ended up with one!

Man … just thinking of the good ol’ days! LOL … anyways, back to work!

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Mastering the Masters’ Degree … Maybe?

So while, I’m working at Wayne I am also going to school here too! I did the math for my graduate school program; it’ll take me about 3 years to receive my Masters of Arts in Counseling specializing in Agency and Substance Abuse from Wayne State University’s College of Education. I know that was a little long winded. I’m okay with that. As long as things go according to plan; but I began thinking after I saw that Ashley Judd is going back to school to get her masters.

I read the Room For Debate: What is a Master’s Degree Worth? from the New York Times’ blog. I think it was a really great debate, something very relatable to me right now.

The against had many good points. One of the debates is that getting a masters isn’t like getting an undergrad; one has to be very specific of the whole need/intention of getting a higher degree. Another stated that if you get your masters in like a “soft science,” that the financial pay off isn’t that great.

However, Stehen Joel Trachtenberg (I don’t know if he’s related to Michelle Trachtenberg) gave me a little bit of hope in this pessimistic arguments. It seemed the other three columnist, wanted you to sit around and just wait to see what the economy does. Trachtenberg stated that even though it is viewed as the step child of the academic community, a M.A. can benefit to get one because it adds to the personal and professional narrative. Also it will help that B (or less) that was achieved in undergrad and transform it to an A in graduate school (which I did).

I think working and doing both would be the best way to go only because those that argue the value of a master’s degree have a point. So to build up the credibility of your degree, you have to have that professional work experience background. You can’t solely rely on the graduate degree to get you through. That’s what I got out of it.

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Roommates, blah!

Photo Credit: Michigan Daily

I have only had a roommate my freshmen year of college at Michigan State. I think we can both say it was definitely a learning experience. But I have been privileged (and blessed) not have to had a roommate since then (years of working for a university definitely pays off). But I have realized that whether you are an incoming freshmen or going to a conference, you are going to hae to share a space with someone. Especially with the economy moving in the downward spiral, living along may not be the best option financially. So, since I am bored at work, I came up with some helpful tips that I think could help out - but remember, I only have experience mediating these types of things, not living in it!

  • BFFs don’t always make the best roomies.
    I truly love my besties, but I would never move in with them and they wouldn’t move in with me. I value that distance from my friends, especially if there are little tiffs. An associate that you don’t know very well would be a great option because if things don’t work out, you don’t feel like your friendship will suffer.
  • Act as if your side of the room/place as an invisble fence around it!
    I definitely had to work on this when I had a roommate. No one likes the roommate who’s stuff is EVERYWHERE! But anyways, your room (if you have one) is the place that you can junk up because you are the only one that has to put up with it. Close the door and things are GREAT! But the communial spaces, that’ll be disgusting. Get it together or get out - that’s what I always say.
  • Communication is vital!
    You should definitely talk to your roommate. I had to mediate many a conflict because the roommates wouldn’t talk. The more roommates you have, the longer those conversations should be. At Wayne State, they have this Roommate Agreement. If you don’t communicate pet peeves, etc., then who is your roommate going to know? They may be your BFF but that doesn’t mean they know everything about you.
  • Nudity is not okay between roomies.
    I don’t know about the rest of the blogsphere, but I do not like to see my roommate in their birthday suit. I know it’s not as expensive as clothes, but I know I just don’t want to see all of that. When my bff and I go to the locker room and women will be completely naked coming from their workout, I cringe a little bit. So I know, I am going to do more than cringe if my roomie does that.
  • Don’t room with someone that you have feelings for.
    If you are roomming with a person that is a friend with benefits or someone that you have a crush on, then that’ll definitely cause trouble. One reason is becasue if things kick up, the two bedroom will become one. Another reason is if that person hooks up with someone else or moves in with their partner, then you’ll feel down emotionally and financially.
For a comedic look at roommates, check out the ABC Family Show starring my girl Tamera Mowry!

Brigette Dale also talks about roommates on her video blog.
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