Screens-Day: 90’s Nick

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On TeenNick, they are brining 90’s Nick like Nick at Nite … but I am super stoked about it though! And everyone is talking about it!

@nessabirdienessahappy birthday, @mtv! Went from #thehills to #thejerseyshore … sounds like you are experiencing a #midlifecrisis! LOL :)
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Happy Birthday, us!!!

@nessabirdienessahappy birthday, @mtv! Went from #thehills to #thejerseyshore … sounds like you are experiencing a #midlifecrisis! LOL :)

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Happy Birthday, us!!!



Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon Duet on “Whip My Hair”

On last night’s Daily Show, Jimmy Fallon coaxed Jon Stewart into busting out a little of his Bruce Springsteen impression.



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This is one of my all-time FAVORITE songs!!

Alexz Johnson was Jude Harrison in Instant Star.  The show followed Jude has she competed in an “American Idol” type show.  The soundtrack was ABSOLUTELY amazing!  Very mature for a TeenNick show, but all in all I have always been a fan!

This song was originally written by Alexz Johnson and her brother.  The song ended up on the first season of Instant Star.  Alexz has a unique voice and I absolutely love when she performs.  She can literally do it all … pop, ballads, rock, you name it!

Whats-Day: OPRAH!!!

So my mom and I were watching Oprah’s network earlier this week and I have to say that I have a newfound respect and love this women!!

How Can I Be Like Oprah?

Whats-Day: LC in

While Whitney Port was at Coachella looking a mess, Lauren Conrad - on top of her several other ventures - launched Her and two other people we don’t know about do beauty tips, etc. She totally went from Laguna Beach to the Bank! Damn, girl!


Is there anything she can’t do?


April Fool’s Day!!!

So Khloe is my FAVE Kardashian sister … I think I am the most like her.  You don’t take any prisoners … You tell it like it is.  I read her blog like every time she posts.  She’s the BEST!!

Khloe Kardashian Odom Lamar Rob BG5 Girls Concert Roxy[source]


Okay … clearly, I am obsessed with Glee!! But I absolutely love this song! it’s completely inspirational … not to mention, I love Rachel Berry’s bedazzled microphone!! :)

Be sure to check out my YouTube playlist of my Tunes-Days! There are nice mixture of tracks!

LOVE the new Bold and the Beautiful intro!  They are totally stepping up their game!!!

Screens-Day: Pretty Little Liars

Next Problem: \

Lovely Undergrad loves this show and I have to agree!! My two favorite quotes from the show thus far:

"what’s not to get: the rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb, and the dumb girls spend their days trying to be all of the above. "- Careful What U Wish 4

"hey, even though this doesn’t look right, it has always felt right. and i won’t have him change us into something that feels wrong." - Know Your Frenemies

They have been renewed for a 2nd season! I am really excited for that because Lucy Hale (Aria) was on the show Privileged which ended after one season! Aria’s clothes are funky and fun! I wished I had the courage to dress like that in high school. My fave is the one below:

Kim Kardashian’s Rachel Roy Dress

I absolutely love this dress!! I want it!!

Finally E! puts something on that has some substance, some emotional and provocative backbone … So, I want to watch this show because I am interested to see how these individuals deal with their eating disorders … I bet it’s super scary!

University of Michigan’s newspaper, Michigan Daily, wrote an article where they said that “it was hard to watch.”  It may be hard to watch but it may shed some light on a serious issue.  It’s very True Life with a little bit of Celebrity Rehab.  

I see this expanding to other disorders like shopping addiction, etc.  Good job E!


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