• Fable 3 has a same-sex relationship feature! Pretty cool!
  • Twitter can save your doctorate, but you never had a library?
  • Blackberry has a beta of a Facebook app and has an alternative to the iPad, the Playbook!
  • Mystique not mystifying the audience?
  • Lindsay Lohan can’t afford to stay at the Betty Ford clinic? WTF?
  • Love ScarJo’s new look! She’s so damn pretty! I wouldn’t have guessed she’d grow up to be a complete fox watching Home Alone 3! lol
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  • 3 years ago

Whats-Day: Uggs, Gamers, Reach, Repeat

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    • 4 years ago

    Whatsday Didn’t Go Anywhere …

    Sorry I have been a little a-wall lately with Whats-Day … so much is going on and I have to try to catch up!!  Check out what I am gushing over!  :)

    • College students may have too much time on their hands … ?
    • Since college students only spend 27 hours in classes, they can spend the rest playing the newest expansion pack of The Sims 3, Late Night.  (I will and I spend 40 hours at work)
    • Definitely need to know how to read nutrition labels if I’m going to be a little sexy for my sister’s wedding!  Maybe I’ll try my favorite Hillzie, Lo’s workout. Or maybe not workout at all (fat chance)!!
    • I kinda want the Juicy wireless keyboard … that’s hot!
    • Technology and Autism children … great idea!  It works for Connor on Degrassi!
    • Gradation manicure seems so bad ass!!!  I am totally going to do it … maybe for a vacation or something.  LOL

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    • 4 years ago

    Dreamin’ of Dreamcast!

    So last week, I was craving to play my Sega Dreamcast (displaying my inner geek)! I think it’s probably one of the most under-respected consoles! The graphics were amazing - for the time - and it had a great selection of video games. My personal faves were Crazy Taxi series, Power Stone series, Sonic (of course), and Rippin’ Riders (makers of Crazy Taxi).

    Then I was thinking about my Nintendo 64 … Star Fox was that DEAL!!! There was also another video game called Beetle racing and all the cars were Volkswagen Beetles … I wanted one oh-so badly … but my BFF ended up with one!

    Man … just thinking of the good ol’ days! LOL … anyways, back to work!

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    • 4 years ago