Whats-Day: Summer Time

Summer is coming to a close and I may miss it a little - especially when classes start.  But I would really like to remember some of the highlights.  :)


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Whats-Day: Office Supplies

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Whats-Day: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was an A-MAZING talent!  I absolutely loved her voice.  You can hear her pain through your soulful voice.  We will miss her!  In honor of the her funeral (which was yesterday) and the MTV Tribute that will air tonight at 6:30PM, read more to find the links I found on the world wide web …

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Whats-Day: Cutting Back

So, I am a shopaholic … it’s really bad!  Now that I am on my own in my new apartment, I have to learn out to be FRUGAL!

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Whats-Day: Moving Out (Finally)

Secrets to Moving In - Casa Sugar

Lovely Undergrad’s Out of a Box Series - Lovely Undergrad

Moving Tips - Savvy Sugar

Digi Tips to Moving - Geek Sugar

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Whats-Day: (My Future) Bathroom / Laundry Room

So, if you haven’t guessed it, I will be moving (or have been moving) into my new apartment because of my awesome new job!  I am totally stoked!  :)  But anyways, for the first time, I can do my own laundry … no need to save up quarters or anything like that because I have a stackable washer and dryer.  Hopefully I can follow Unclutterer’s suggestions and make the little room a success!

But here are some inspiration to my laundry room/bathroom.  There isn’t a lot on the web for some reason, but here’s what I could muster up!!  :)

Organized Shelving in the Bathroom

How to stack washer and dryer on top of each other


Electronic Remedies to Bathroom Situations


A bathroom someone dreams about ….

Bathroom Inspiration


Bathroom Makeover


How to Hide You Washer & Dryer in your bathroom …


An amazing bathroom!!

Accessorizing a Bathroom

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Whats-Day: (My Future) Bedroom

So, I am absolutely LOVE my bedroom … it’s my sanctuary.  Because I spend the most time there, it can be the most junkiest.  But that’s probably because it’s also my office/living room, my tree house basically.  But since I will two bedrooms in my new apartment and so my bedroom will truly be my bedroom!!  Check out my Flickr photos … :)

Make a Captain’s Bed


DIY Headboards

An Awesome Closet Makeover

Mediterranean Bedroom Theme

Mediterranean Bedroom

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Whats-Day: (My Future) Home Office

So the apartment excitement continues and we are on to one of my favorite rooms, the OFFICE!!!  I absolutely love the office and I cannot even wait to have one; most of my rooms/apartments in the past, I haven’t had a separate place to work.  I am really looking forward to having the computer(s) in a different location than the living room or the bed.  

Tips About Home Offices

Chalkboard Wall

Made By Girl - Hello Canvas


Mac Shortcut Posters

DulceCandy’s Home Office (love the keyboard)

McDonald Interiors

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